What is the secret?

We have a secret here. Can I trust you? You know, if this gets out, our heads are on the block. It has to remain OUR secret! Ach, I don’t know. How much do you know about the Fenders?

I see, yes, there were the Crime Crusader Crew. Heropa was a wild place back then. Triple C did a good job in protecting the town. Triple C? The Crime Crusader Crew, yes. They consisted of seven clones of Mayor Patriot, the Big Game Hunter and Milkcrate Man. Yes, the clones. Phew, they were a bunch! I have never seen so many clumsy capes. There were more in the past. The seven that are left back then were still pretty interesting. The Milkcrate Man worried me a bit. He didn’t appear to have the brains, he wasn’t even particularly fast. But those crates! I still have nightmares. I’m not even sure where the Big Game Hunter resides at the moment.

And when the Crime Crusader Crew went, out if its ashes rose the Equalizers with a lot of fanfare. That was a crazy bunch. I’ve never been a big fan of them. We were looking at the Big O, the Arealist and the 7-foot tall Pretty Amazonia. But they didn’t last too long. something went horribly wrong and they started to get knocked off, one by one. It was a mess.

Hang on, I got someone at the door. It might be my lift.

Yes it is. I have to go to a meeting with AEGIS. They got something happening over there and again, they won’t fill me in. It’s like I know something. Yes, I’m careful. I have a look. I can see a red car outside. It looks like one of those retro cars. I used to own an old Alfa Spider and it looks very much like one. I haven’t seen one of them for a long time. It could belong to AEGIS.

Who are the Fenders? What are they up to?

I can also see a woman in a trench coat in the alley way near the car. I think I know her. She is blonde and told me over the intercom that her name is Agent Gaynor. I have a feeling that I have seen that woman before, but I can’t put my finger on it. It will come to me, don’t worry.

Look, I got to go. The meeting is on in an hour and we still have to navigate the skies over Heropa. they are monstrous this time of the day and especially in the rain. Which begs the question, why is that red car a convertible? Something doesn’t fit. It’s the car and that woman. I need to go, I call you when I get back. The doorbell just called again. I better move. I don’t want to raise any suspicion.

Wait, the door opens. It’s my driver. I have to go. Oh, it’s you? I know who you are! You are in disguise. You are….

A dull thud can be heard and the line is cut. Who is that secret driver and what happened to Director Oknarets? 

The end


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