Is home a sweet home?

Home Sweet Home. A term we hear a lot. But who is defining a sweet home? Who makes the call? It’s not me. I have found my home. Actually I got born in my home. It even comes with a name. Box! That’s right, my home is called box. First I called it cat in a box, but I soon found out that I am the cat and my home is called the box.

I remember being transported around in my box. It was and is always my home. My two legged parents carried me around in my home. It got placed on the sofa for a while. Later I moved besides the sofa. I find that place much better. One day my mum almost sat on me in my home on the sofa. Trust me I feel much safer next to the sofa.

That doesn’t mean I stay I’m my home all the time. I life on the sofa for the best part of the day. My parents leave their home in the morning and don’t come back until late in the evening. I make their home mine. I’m on the sofa, bed, table, fridge and in the middle the carpet. This is the best place ever, especially in summer when the sun rays hit the spot. What more can a cat want?

I also watch a bit of television. Yes I have learnt to turn on the other box. My dad called it the idiot box. And he didn’t mean my home. One day I noticed a chap there in the box talking about animals. All sorts of animals and their homes. There are big cart called lions calling their home Savanna. Flying rats called bats, I would call them flats, who live in cages, upside down. Call that a home!

I don’t really care what they do. I’ve never seen any of those things near my neighbourhood. Some of those animals life in trees, burrows, logs, even under rocks. How uncomfortable that must be. Under a rock! But one animal got my attention. It got called a hermit crab. I never knew that something out of my food lives in a shell. And as it grows it changes its shell to a larger one.

That reminded me. Either my box is shrinking or I’m really a hermit crab. You see. My home, the box, used to be huuuuuge. I could roll around in it and not ever touch a side. Now? Ha, I just fit my feet in and my schnoz. It takes me a while to get in. After a while my left leg falls asleep. How annoying. However, it is still my home and the best one I ever had. My parents wanted to give me a bigger one. It just didn’t feel the same, so I shredded it. another one they gave me smelt of brussels sprouts. Yuck!

Here I am today with my first and best home ever, the box. If you haven’t got one you should get one. It is the best.

The end


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