Week 48: Warm Goat challenge

Can you have a warm bath outside in winter? If you go to the hot springs in Japan, you can. The local monkeys have done this for many many years. The warm water in those pools are ideal for them. Whole families of monkeys are in there grooming each other. I can assume that this is quite nice, but when you have to get out, they would be cold.

I remember this sort of thing from Europe. We went to some saunas over there and when you are nice and warm they send you out into the ice bath and then the snow. Lovely! I just warmed up and now it’s freezing. But we were young and it was fun.

I wasn’t sure about this concept at first. I didn’t want to draw a usual summer sitting and do something boring. This Japanese theme brought me to to this idea. I sketched something up and then put it away to reconsider. I still liked it and so I finished it off. I did used Photoshop a bit more in this one. I enhanced the breath clouds a bit. It just worked better with some computer editing. The warm breath in the cold air looks spectacular. It’s hard to replicate on paper.

Now the kids have found that warm spring and the boy jumped straight in. He is generally the more adventurous one. The other two are a bit timid when it comes to try out new things. Our real goats are a bit the same. We have a young boy and he isn’t afraid of anything. That is a bit of a worry. I hope he doesn’t grow up too large otherwise I’ll be in trouble. We already have an old boy that does silly things.

There you go. Join in again next week for more goat action.



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  1. A goat bath – I think it could catch on 🙂

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