Multiculturalism and goats. A fine combination or a disaster in the making?

Multiculturalism! Let me get this straight. I am a goat and What you see is a picture drawn by a cartoonist who thinks this is how multiculturalism works. He thinks it’s cute to add a few goat around a food bowl and call it a happy place. Goats from different backgrounds and colour. Goats who are different in size and markings. He even threw in a sheep to bring his point across. What do I think about that?

Total rubbish.

You see, when you look at this picture we are all a happy bunch. Even the sheep seems to enjoy it. I tell you, sheep are rather dumb. All they do is ‘baa baa’ and eat grass. Yes they are cute and fluffy, that’s why the humans kept them. And they make jumpers out of them. Classy. It doesn’t stop them from being dumb. And in terms of multiculturalism, we don’t like them. They always look sick. Their tails is always down. Ha, you think we don’t notice? Everyone knows. Tail up, goat happy. Tail down, goat not happy.

Gee, I should write a poem!

So you think multiculturalism works just because we’re all goats. Think again. Yes we are all growing horns and love to but things. We help your trees to die quicker so you can sue them for firewood. We all love your roses and make a habit of getting rid off socks from the washing. But only one and we eat them.


We blame the sheep. After our deed we let them into your garden. Whereas we go back and watch it all unfold. Hilarious. The running, the screaming and shouting. It’s as good as a night at the flics.

Sheep are dumb.

In reality that multiculturalism thing only works in your head. Goats don’t do multiculturalism. We are fiercely competitive and especially around the food bowl. We don;t care if another goat is in our paddock. We don’t even care if there is another ten or twenty. That’s all fine. when it comes to food, that’s when all your multiculturalism ideas fall into a heap. It is each goat for their own.

We fight.

That’s right, we fight for every piece of carrot there is in that food bowl. Sometimes we fight that much, we forget to eat. It’s not that important to eat, as long as you can keep another goat from eating your food. The little ones are the hardest to keep away. They are very head strong and stubborn. sometimes they stand their ground just for one piece of apple.


We like that. And then we let them have it. A goat who stands their ground can, sometimes, get respect. And therefor more food. Bit don’t mistake me for that multiculturalism thing. Respect for fighting for a piece of food is different. A goat like food and it is worth fighting for. Even if it is a selfish cause and we do it for ourselves.

We’re all in this together.

The end.


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