Welcome to my page, DannyZemp.com

It’s so nice to have you here. This is a site full of cartoons. I hope you will like it.

I have worked hard to draw all these cartoons. I like drawing goats. I like drawing anything for that matter. But I love the goats. They are such characters.

As you might have noticed, I put more emphasis on the drawings than the writings. I always try to do that. That’s why the writing is squashed into the corner. If you like to see the pictures in more detail just click on it. I haven’t set up a shop yet but if you like a particular picture you can drop me a line and tell me which one you like and I’ll see it to you. I can get various sizes done for you.

Whilst you’re here you might as well explore the site a bit. Check out the blog or the caricatures. I feel like I better go back to my drawings.

Please come back soon as I will add new content all the time.