The tools, what are they up to when you’re not around?

It is 2 am and the illustration had to be finished but Marks eyes weren’t working anymore. He was dead tired and wanted to go to be. He puts his tools down and turns off the lights. This is it. He’ll finish the illustration tomorrow morning afresh. At least that is the idea.

Now in the bed Mark is off like a light. He dreams of Heinzelmännchen. These are like Elves but from Germany. His mum is from Köln, or Cologne if you wish. Now these Heinzelmännchen come out at night and often complete the work of the tired, hard working people who just can’t finish their job. Usually it’s housework and the like. They get up and milk the cows when the farmer sleeps in. They start the fire so it is nice and cosy when you wake up. Sometimes they do the dishes too in the middle of the night, and so quietly the your sleep won’t be stirred.

But we aren’t in Cologne and these Heinzelmännchen don’t come to Australia. They don’t even venture out of their hometown a lot. So what are the chances that there are Elves in Australia helping out a time poor illustrator? Well, if you don’t tell anyone, there are some Elves that work with illustrators. Aren’t we lucky?

Heinzelmännchen are elves from cologne”

There is a septe of tools that work with abandoned and unfinished works of illustrators. Their names are Larry, Gazza, Wazza, Robo, Johno, Razza and Buffo. Although Buffo is a bit of a buff head. He always thinks he is the most important one of the lot. His job is to erase the lines of Wazza and Robo. That usually works well, however, sometime he erases the lines just after Larry applied his ink. And that leaves a mess. Larry is a bit sensitive when it comes to Buffo. They fight a lot. Gazza usually hasn’t got a problem with Buffo. His ink is applied via a ball point and dries a lot faster.

Then we have Razza. He makes sure Robbo, Wazza and Johno have a point. Robo is his friend. Them two get along quite well. But Wazza pissed off Razza, so Razza went troppo on him. Now he is the shortest of the lot. I don’t even know what took place. But Razza has a bit of an attitude.

Progress went well. The illustration is almost done by 4 am. But because Razza and Wazza went loopy earlier, Wazza applied his lines thick and heavy. That in turns sent Buffo into a spin. He has a hard time erasing those lines. With Larry getting inpatient with the ink and Buffo buzzing around, it was inevitable that those guys clash as well. Now Larry spills some ink and Buffo smears the lot all over the paper.

A short moment of silence and eery staring at each other, and then they all went apeshit.

Needless to say here that our night helpers are nothing like the Heinzelmännchen from Cologne. Mark wakes up and goes into the studio to check the commotion. That was the very last time he ever left an unfinished project on the table to finish the next morning.

The end


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