Right. What on earth are Toilet cartoons?

That’s a very valid question. Let me explain this to to you. It all started a long time ago with a silly idea. I carried it through that year and a few years ago I resurrected the idea. It is my longest running comic strip and it has changed over the years.

How do I read this?

Simple. If you’re new here and you never seen any of the toilet cartoons you can just sit back and watch all the pages flip in front of you, It might be a bit fast. Click on it and it opens another window where you can navigate in the story backwards and forwards.

If you return on a weekly basis you can just go backwards in the story. It’s on a loop and you end up with the last page.

Can you tell me what is going on in this story?

Sure but it will take a while. It’s a we bit chaotic. I don’t even know where it takes me from week to week. All I know is that it takes us all for a wild ride.

Can I buy this as a book?

Funny you ask. I do have a book of the first 100 pages of the new toilet cartoon. This is what it looks like. I do have a few books available. I won’t reprint until I get a bunch of interest. Drop me a line and we open the discussion.

Collectors edition first 100 pages

Cover of the first 100 pages of the Toilet Cartoon in a book for a limited time

That should keep you entertained for a while, I hope. I will add a new page once a week until I get too busy with other projects. Who knows how long this story is going on.

You can send me a line or two if you have an idea where you want to take this story. No guarantees for now but I will see that I can accommodate your requests.