Rope and goat, rope on a goat, goat with a rope?

Do you think a rope and a goat is a good mix? It has a bit of a poetic ring to it, doesn’t it? But do these two really mix? All these questions and yet we have no clear answer. When you think about putting a rope together with a goat, it can only mean that the goat is getting tethered up on a post or an old tractor tyre. You wouldn’t think to use a goat to climb up a rock wall. Nah, nor would I.

I have a good friend of mine who had just that problem. You know, he is a keen mountaineer who climbs the highest peaks and steepest rocks, just for fun. there is nothing wrong with that, it seems a wee bit silly for me. I’m more of a feet on solid ground person. You got to love his energy and motivation to torture himself over and over again just to stand alone on top of a mountain. Of course, it’s the journey that counts.

I have simpler ways of getting to the top of a hill with a good view. First and foremost it does’t involve ropes. The only time I use a rope is when I tie up the bundles of green waste once a year. And I still stuff up the knots. Halfway down the driveway my knots get undone and I’m on my hands and knees picking up the branches, again. If one of my knots are holding they would lift up the Titanic. Nothing would get them undone either. I would actually resort to burn the knot off the rope.

I see my mountain climbing friend every now and then. The last time I saw him he said that he caught a goat. A goat? A goat. A goat!? With a rope! A goat with a rope? Yup, I caught a goat with a rope.

You see, we have conversations that would shock intellectuals and linguists. Not all our conversations are going like that, but seriously, he caught a goat with a rope? I can’t even imagine how that would have happened. Luckily he told me and didn’t just leave me hanging in the lurch.

He sais he climbs that mountain a lot and knows it quite well. the last time he used a hook on a rope to advance to the next ledge. Nothing fancy so it seems to me. What has this got to do with the goat? Well, he casts his hook up high, it catches and feels secure. With safety in mind he proceeds up the cliff past an Edelweiss, ever closer to the top. They are pretty those Edelweiss. The goat, what about the goat?

He is a great friend but sometimes his mind wanders. I got him back on track. He tells me that all of a sudden he is staring that brown goat in the face. It was a big one at that. At first it was a surprise to see a goat up that far. Then sheer terror became him. The rope actually tangled up with the goats horns. The goat was as surprised as my friend. The whole thing could have ended up in tears. it didn’t. To my surprise he said that the goat sees him now every time he climbs that rock. You can say they are friends now. But the first time they played eyes on each other must have been priceless.

He was the dope on the rope on with a goat.


The end


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