A pillow must be the most delicious thing ever

There are a lot of delicious things in life. Cup cakes, lollies, biscuits, et cetera. But not everything needs to be sweet to be delicious. Here is this young fella. Ruffle the border collie cross. Like Russel just more fluffy. You get the drift. Ruffle does too. He was born with bean in his but. Not ever sitting still when he is in his deepest sleep. There seems to be something to chase anytime, anywhere and without fail anything. That makes him an amusing and never boring companion. Ruffle hasn’t got a bad bone in him. If a bone is bad he coughs it up and berries it in the back yard until it’s good again. For him this is a way to make things delicious.

Now Ruffles short attention span is the one of an ADHD child. I reckon dogs got it first. He can be sitting relatively quiet in a room and then all of a sudden he’s off like a sugar cone out of a shanghai. It’s probably only a fly. But that’s no excuse not to chase it. However, mid chase he changes his mind and finds something else to do. Like sniffing his but. He has this cunning ability to sniff out his own farts. And without a word of lie, I think he is fascinatingly disgusted by his own farts as we are horrified. He then spends the rest of the afternoon in the glorious outdoors.

The outdoors are another thing entirely. In short, more flies to chase and less farts to be detected. He does the chasing until he is too tired to chase. Then it’s sleepy time. He curls up in a shady spot or if it rains, a sheltered area. But he’s not done chasing stuff. We saw him do the circles while lying on his side. It’s too funny. He wakes up and is a bit dizzy.

Indoors he sleeps in a box that is just big enough for him. He should have been a cat. Again, the same thing is happening there too. A few minutes after shuteye, there are a couple of claps of his jaw shutting as if he’s biting into something we can’t see. Then it’s on for young and old. His legs are dangling out of his box and the chase is on again. Delicious! Imagine a turtle on its back and scooting across the living room floorboards. If we don’t slow him down before the wall does, he would have many more mysterious headaches. The looks on his face is priceless.

Recently he found a new way of being Ruffle. The thing he was chasing disappeared in a pillow. My favourite blue pillow. I mean I was mad at him for doing that. But at the same time he had this look on his face that no one could ever be mad about. I wanted to yell at Ruffle and he just sat down in the midst of the fluffed up content of my formerly known blue pillow. His tail making a “snow angel” of pillow fluff. He was so proud that he caught whatever he was chasing.

What can I say? I just get another delicious pillow, for me, not Ruffle!

The end


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