One fine Saturday on top of a hill having fun with the Romans

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon when we were out on a bit of a stroll through the countryside. I’m Dustan and the other two are my sisters, Debby and Erin. We do that often on a weekend. Our parents are busy on the farm. We’re not supposed to wander around. The farmer doesn’t like it. But when he is at the weekly market in town…

We have our favourite patch where we eat grass. It’s so fresh up here. And we can see for a long distance. We can see when the farmer is on the way home. Daisy who is pulling the cart knows what we’re up to. She always gives us a healthy “MOOOOOO” when she comes around the little forrest at them far side of the hill. That helps a lot. One day we fell asleep and almost got caught out.

So here we are, overlooking the valley on all sides and enjoying the fresh, green grass. Then all of a sudden a small troop of Roman soldiers comes huffing and puffing up the hill. It’s only five of them and they are always a joy to have around. First of all they smell a bit like dad and they rattle a lot. They sound like a whine barrel full of old horseshoes rolled down a hill. We find that quite amusing. Then they talk funny too. After all this is Great Britain and not Rome. They come up with their latin and think they can rule us. Meh, I don’t think so.

This guy with the big nose walks around the top, ignoring us completely, mumbling something about what a great lookout this is. In his weird language he’s thinking about building a tower up here. ” I don’t think so” I said. Now this is the first time I notice a Roman stop and look around when I spoke. “Qui?” he replies looking around and a bit confused. “You’re not going to put a tower here” I said. This time the Roman looks straight at me. I think he can understand me.

He walks straight up to me and asks in his weird latin language what I know. So I told him that this is our grassing land and we want to keep it that way. All of a sudden we have a discussion happening. I never spoke to a Roman before. At least not to one that responses. We have a few hiccups, especially when I said that we are up here every Saturday. He thinks it’s Saturni Dies. Or whatever. That discussion went on for a while. It didn’t lead anywhere. Even Erin and Debby found it amusing.

At the end we had to tell the Roman that this isn’t the best hill for a lookout. the one closer to town is much better. A few weeks later I saw the Romans building a tower on that other hill and we never saw this Roman again. He is a fun Roman. We still enjoy our grass up here every Saturday. I miss that Roman. He was fun.

The end


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