Music to the ears, at least to some

Music. Some say it’s lovely. Mum is one of them. To me and my brother and sister this is plain silly. Every year it’s the same. Dad thinks there is something in the air that makes him sing. Mum is over the moon. I wish I could be over the moon. At least I don’t have to listen to all of this. I mean even the worms dig deeper. How do I know that? Hans the Kookaburra told me. He has moved to another place during spring. When our dad makes all that noise, he says, he goes hungry. No worms for him those times.

The person who feeds us keeps dad in another field. I heard him say one day that he doesn’t want more of us. I don’t understand that. I think we are pretty cool. But dad has started to make music from then on. He is on the fence and brings down the house. You’re right, the house is gone. He now sleeps in the open. He has a chain that was attached to the house on the other side of the paddock. it worked well for our ears for a couple of days. But then dad showed up with the chain around his neck and in toe what looked like a few planks.

Never mind that. The music was hurting our ears. We moved to the other side of our field. That works quite well. It’s just that our food was running low. The grass got short and we certainly didn’t want to go back to the constant waling. The crickets shut up, the birds moved on, even Wally Wombat moved on. He said that the noise echoing in his burrow was too much for him. He comes back in winter when dad singing stops.

But we couldn’t go anywhere and mum didn’t want to. I don’t know, mum and dad have a strange taste for music.

One day the feeding master left the gate to our field open. We could see straight into the shed. I noticed on the door were three shells for the head. I knew they had something to do with noise. After all, our food machine uses those noisy tree cutting tools. he wear one of those head shells. So I thought, since he were them when he makes all that noise they have to be good for something. They weren’t hard to get. we put them on and, WOW, the music stopped. Well, almost. I could still hear dad but only very quiet. My brother and sister agreed. This is the best thing ever. Finally we could go back to see dad and not have our ears blown off by that unearthly music.

The end

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