A Loudmouth Purple Ladybug belts out Purple Rain

You might say you have seen it all, but wait until you read this story. If I tell you there are purple ladybugs out there, you might go; meh, nothing special about that. That’s right. Here it gets more interesting. I’m out in the field with my brother, happily grading along when I hear this beautiful song. I immediately know the tune. I mean, who wouldn’t know that song by heart?

It’s Purple Rain. And it is by the only one and best ever, Prince!

I shoot straight up and yell “Prince!”. My brother is a bit older than me and know a tad more too. He stays calm. As calm as someone who has no taste for great music and epic guitar riffs. As calm as one who is tone deaf on the ears and never heard of the great grandmaster Prince. I’m dancing around him.

It’s Prince, it’s Prince, it’s Prince.

What’s wrong with him. I check his ears for blockage. They are clean. He should hear his angelic voice. Yet is is still as relaxed as a thousand year old tree leaning into the wind. Not a stir in his composure. Whereas I might as well jump out of my fur. Here we are in a remote part of the field, Prince is nearby and belts out Purple Rain from the top of his lungs.

Settle down, he finally mutters. WHAAAAT? Me settling down in the presence of the god of funk? The star of stars. The symbol of goodness and the man who mad purple purpler?

It’s not Prince.


It’s the purple ladybug!

The purple who? I look at my brother in complete and utter disbelieve. While in the not so far away Purple Rain continues to sound. Ladybugs don’t sing Prince songs, I say. Well, little brother, this one does and he points him out to me. And sure enough there is a little purple ladybug on a leaf happily singing my favourite tune of all times, Purple Rain.

You could hear the ‘clonk’ of my jaw hitting the ground. My eyes were like saucers and I still couldn’t believe my what I’m hearing with my ears. This little purple ladybug has the voice of a thousand angles and yet his is as tiny as a ladybug can be. Even though he is quite minuscule, his singing is echoing through the valley. I have never heard anything like it and I want to keep this little guy, He will sing for me forever.

I get a gentle nudge in my side. Stop staring at him, my big brother hisses through his teeth. Turn around. But i like to listen to his voice and I want to keep him. Don’t even think about it, he says. Never encourage a purple ladybug.

How come, his voice is just so nice and I can get him to sing other songs as well, I pip. That’s right, my brother responds. A purple ladybug also knows the whole back catalogue of Justin Bieber!!!

The end


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