Jump you little goat, jump, jump jump!

This is fantastic! our girls have all kidded. We have twelve little goats. In a couple of weeks they will jump around and I will be the king of funny videos online. I can’t wait. I even bought a new camera for the occasion. And in true online style I bought it online. It will be here just when the jump season starts. It is a good camera, one with a large screen to see what it will capture and a lot of details.

It doesn’t take long for the two weeks to pass. In anticipation I wait for the mail to arrive with my camera. When it doesn’t I start to get a bit worried. What if the camera doesn’t arrive? I give the seller a call. Oh, they forgot to post it. How convenient. Now I got to sit another week. I hope the kids keep their jumping up until then.

Finally, the camera arrives. I got to admit, I’m a big kid myself when it comes to new things. This time it is my who jumps for joy. I grab the camera and head over to the goats who are all excited to see me. They jump around me like little bouncy balls. It’s such fun to watch. I get the camera out and fire it up. The only thing is, it doesn’t.

For corks sake, I forgot the battery. Never mind, I head back to the house and grab the battery. Upon inserting it dawned on me that it might not be charged. Bang on. I do another round trip and charge the bloody thing. That only takes four hours. By then it’s dark. I will try the jump videos tomorrow.

Right, the following day I’m ready to go. New camera, battery fully charged, goat kids are full of beans and I can smell the success already. Back on the block with the kids I’m quickly surrounded by them little goats. I fire up the camera and it tells me I need to insert a card. Whaaaaaaat?

A little annoyed I head back to the house looking for that memory card, only to find out that it isn’t included in the package. I’m a little GRRRRR! by now. After making an enquiry with the seller I now know I have to order that one separately. Well, then I order that one and wait for a few days more. Rome wasn’t built in a day either.

Good, all is in place now. Camera, battery, memory card, jumping goat kids and … it’s raining! I think my brain just somersaulted. Everything is ready and the weather takes a holiday. The goats are notoriously water shy. There is no jumps hen it rains. I guess I have to wait another day.

A few days later the rain has stopped and the ground is dry again. The kids are out and their tiny little legs make them jump in all directions at once. The Steven Spielberg in me comes out and I get into position. The camera works. I aim for the best shot and press record. At that exact moment the jumping stops. The kids are interested in what I do and no more in bouncing around. I try and try to no avail.

I recall a famous director saying: “Never work with children or animals. Unless you want to age prematurely.”

I feel like I have grown a grey hair or two.

The end


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