To hide within the texture, fun with Hannibal the octopus

You might wonder what texture has to do with this. We are in the vast areas of the worlds biggest oceans. There you find that you either eat or get eaten. Being able to blend in and even change the texture of your skin can give you a huge advantage.

At this point I like to introduce you my friend, Hannibal. Hannibal is a joker. I have known him forever. Just when I hatched, Hannibal also emerged from his egg. You should have seen him. He was more eyes than anything else. But he grew quickly. Hannibal is an octopus. And being an octopus he can change the way he looks. I can’t. I’m just a fish. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.

Most of you know know that octopi can change colour. Hannibal can even do better than that. If he wants to he can change his texture as well. As a friend it makes it quite hard at times. One moment you can see him and then ,whoop, he’s gone. Well, he’s not gone, he just blends into the background. I don’t know how he does it. He just does it.

As we grew older we also went our seperate ways. There are times when I don’t see Hannibal for a few months. And then he pops up every few days. He’s funny I must admit. I remember the time when I could feel something behind me. I was going like “Hannibal, I know it’s you. You can show your face your silly octopod!” He didn’t answer. Most times he cackles and then shows himself. So when he didn’t I started to get a bit worried. When I turned around I could only see teeth, huge and sharp teeth! “NOT HANNIBAL!!!” I squeaked and swam for my life. It was old Farrut the shark. The chase was on. Like in any true friendship, Hannibal was there to help. He posed in front of a pier post and made it look like the background. I could see him wink. So I swam right towards him. In the last second Hannibal whisks me away. Poor old Farrut, being big and heavy, he had no hope.


Ferrut hit that pier post with quite some force. His teeth went everywhere. Don’t worry, they grow back. After all, he is a shark. After that Farrut left me alone. Hannibal and I had a ball. We’re still laughing about it.

The end

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