Growing horns is a slow process for this little kid

There a lot of things growing fast around here. But it’s not my horns. I have these tiny little stumps on my head and they just don’t want to grow. I look at my dad over in the other paddock and he has horns. They are the size of fence posts. My dad is strong, but he doesn’t like to fight. He is the best dad ever. And with his horns he stands there in the middle of the paddock, everyone is admiring him.

Then here I come. I have these little bumps coming up where I should have horns. It takes forever growing horns. I can see grass growing faster. My mum says that this is normal. I have to be patient. I don’t know. Whats the point of waiting when I want them horns now? Grandpa used to have massive horns too. It’s just me who can’t grow them. How will I ever stand proud in the top paddock like this?

But still, every day, I hear them say that I have to wait. Growing horns is a slow process. I know that by now. How come that everyone else has larger horns than me. Why are theirs growing faster and mines are still baby bumps. What do they know what I want, what I need, what I deserve? Big horns run in our family. I don’t want to be a failure.

What if I never be able of growing horns like dad? Will others laugh at me? Mum always says that the horns don’t matter that much. Its the heart and how you smell. I have never thought of smell being important. My dad is a bit on the nose. However mum loves it. She reckons he is the best smelling husband in the entire valley. I think he could do with a shower. Then again, mum is looking over to him all the time. I still think it is the horns.

Flowers are growing faster than my horns. The leaves are growing faster than my horns. Little birdies are growing faster than my horns. It seems like every thing is growing faster than my horns. Maybe my horns are broken. I don’t talk much to my dad. He is in the paddock next to ours but he never comes down from that hill. I want to know what the secret is of having such grant horns like his.

Then one fine afternoon my dad is standing next to the fence, looking straight at me. I was beside myself. I gather all my energy and do my proudest bounces towards him. He smiles and gives me a gentle nudge with his horns. But I have to ask him. Why are my horns so small and why aren’t they growing any faster? Dad just looks at me with a big smile. A smile that only dad can give. He didn’t say a word. He lifts his head and blows over my head. Then looks me in the eyes and smiles again. With that he walks away and back to the top of the hill.

I tell you, my horns just grew an inch. My horns will be the biggest ones in the whole world. I’m the proudest kid in the whole paddock. My dad rules!

The end


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