Dustans adventure through the bush and countryside

An adventure into the countryside is always fun. We’re talking about Dustan. He is a little goat and has no idea where he is going. He is a brave little boy. But he doesn’t like to listen to the others.

This story starts this morning when mum wakes him up. “Get up Dustan, it’s a sunny day. You’re not going to stay in the hay all day. Go outside and play!” “But mum,” he replies, “in the hay I want to stay all day.” “No way!” does she say and starts to nibble away on the hay.

“Not fair!” Dustan grumbles and gets up. Mum is eating his bed and he glances outside to see what the weather is doing. Mum is right, the sun is out and it is lovely day. But what is there to do? He has seen all of the land. He has eaten what there is to eat. Dustan wants to do something new. “What about an adventure?” he squeaks. “That’s right, I go on an adventure to the countryside and eat whatever I can find!”

And with that he is on his merry way. Before long he has eaten himself through the blackberry bush, up the Acacia Hill and past the Pittosporum valley. Dustan is a hungry little goat and he can eat all day. That’s exactly what he is doing. Nothing is going to stop him until he has tried everything there is to try. He eats grasses, berries, leaves, bark and flowers of all kinds. Before long the morning is gone, and so is the afternoon and evening. Dustan eats and eats and eats.

The sun gets up in the morning and Dustan is still on the move. He follows his little sniffer and finds new things to eat. You can say he eats through the countryside like a lawn mower cuts through the high grass. Days turn to weeks and weeks torn onto months. Dustan is on a mission and he doesn’t stop. He’s sniffing out new things to eat all the time. He doesn’t take much notice of his surroundings.

Then one day, on a hot afternoon, Dustan notices something different. The bush is getting thinner. And with that he sticks his head through the bush and that’s it. No more bush. Dustan has eaten himself through the entire countryside and bush and now he’s facing Red, the local Kangaroo. Of course Red doesn’t know who Dustan is. “Hi.” Dustan pips. “My name is Dustan and I have eaten the bush.” Red doesn’t say anything. She just stands in the red sand and stares at Dustan.

“Weird place.” Dustan thinks and turns around. In his mind he has eaten all that is to eat. “I go home now and tell mum.” And so he makes haste to head home. After all it must have been a long time since he saw mum.

Back home Dustans mum is delighted to see her son back. “My, you have grown young man. You have horns!” “Let me tell you all about the food in the countryside.” Dustan explains his mum. They sit down under the debarked apple tree overseeing the meadows. Dustan tells his mum all the plants and fruit he has eaten on his adventure. She listens patiently to every word her son has to tell. Until he falls asleep in her lap. “It was a long day.” she thinks and gives Dustan an kiss.

The end



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