Hullo there. Nice to find you here. You are obviously here to find out how to contact me. That shouldn’t be all that hard.

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You want contact me to find out where I am? So do I sometimes. Last time I checked I was in a beautiful town in the Yarra Valley. You might wonder where the Clickedy-Klack that is? If you’re not from another planet, I am in Australia. It’s that place donwnunder, not to be mistaken with that mountainous, yodelling place called Austria. A very nice place at that, but no. I am where we have giant rats that bounce around and most things are cute and cuddly, as well as poisonous enough to kill a horse.

Never mind that sort of things. The Yarra Valley is in the south of Australia where things are a bit smaller and not as vicious. Our place is about 75 Kilometres east of Melbourne. Get a map and see if you can find me. Otherwise just drop me a line. The contact form is just above

Now to some housekeeping. I love to hear from you. After all I love drawing these cartoons. But as you know I can’t please everyone. I might even offend some. You’re allowed to vent your anger at me. That’s fine. All I ask of you to be creative. If you like to use the “F” and “C” word a lot, I like to urge you to find alternatives.

I will do my utter best to respond in time. But if the request is just silly I might ignore you.

That is all from me so far. If it works you have filled out the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as practicable. That is a strange word. That’s fine. you are trying to contact a strange person after all.