Cassandra is on the swing and aiming high

Higher! Higher! Cassandra is squealing. I want to swing as high as the sky! I want to swing as far as the moon! I want to swing into the next century!

Little did Cassandra know that this is exactly where she is heading. The swing is just the start of what she is going to do in her life. And behind every good swing is someone who helps getting you higher and higher. In Cassandras case it is her dad. She has a very strong dad who can swing her so high that she almost makes a loop. He also knows the limitations. After all, he wants his daughter to go high and not come crashing down.

Back when Cassandra was only knee high to a grasshopper, she always wanted to go higher on the swing. As she is growing up, so are the swings. Of course with all this the trees are getting taller and so Cassandra could swing as high as the clouds. Sometimes she yells out from the top of her lungs. I can see the space. I can see everything. I’m on the top of the world.

She is. But deep down she is just a normal girl. She goes to school like every other kid in town. But I don’t need to tell you that Cassandra aims high even at school. At sports she jumps the highest, in the breaks she climbs the trees the highest and during class she raises her hands the highest. You could say she is on top of her class. I’m not saying that she is the best at everything, but there isn’t much that she isn’t good at.

Cassandra is pretty good at maths, she is excellent at languages, physics and sports. She could become a gymnast, or an acrobat, an actress or a mountaineer. At least on mountains she will be rather high up. Even if she’d become a mountaineer and climbs the highest mountain in the world, it isn’t high enough of Cassandra. She wants to go even higher. She wants to become an astronaut.

You want to become what? That is her dads response. Yup, she pips and stands tall. Dad is looking up from the newspaper with the best dad look he can muster up. An astronaut? He queries. That’s the one! She responses with such confidence that dad gets up from the arm chair, looks up and out the window, places his arm around her and says. Well, Cassandra, astronaut it is. Are you sure you don’t want to become a cosmonaut? Nah, dad, what are you thinking. I take my time. I’m not Russian! They laugh together.

And so the journey begins. To become an astronaut you have to be on top of the class in all fields. That is a piece of cake for Cassandra. She graduates from Astronaut school with highest grades and now she is up in the international space station.

What made you come to the space station? As senior colleague is asking her. Without missing a beat Cassandra whips back. A swing.

The end



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