The book store and the secret of the cursed queen

Once upon a time there was an evil wizard living in a land of great joy and happiness. The ruler of that land was not a king, it was a queen. A very kind queen with a love for books. she was reading a book every day. And she wanted everyone to be able to read too. The land was peaceful and prosperous. The farmers were tending the land with a smile on their faces. Even the cows were smiling. Kindness was everywhere and everyone helped each other out.

But the evil wizard wasn’t happy. He was a gnarly old man with orange hair and a black pointy hat. The cloak he was wearing reeks of sulphur and brimstone. He hates the queen. But the queen doesn’t hate him back. She is very tolerant. That infuriates the evil wizard even more. He wants her gone. War is what he wants and nothing else. His words are spiteful and filled with hatred.

There was a time when the wizard had friends and fame. But even his most loyal and closest friends started to abandon him. The once large house with a pale facade is greying up and water is leaking in. He swore to rise to the top and rule with his small iron fist. This is one thing that everyone noticed. His hands are small. Most wizards have large hands, and they have a beard. Our evil wizard can’t grow a beard.

While the land was living in perfect harmony, the evil wizard was planning something, well, evil. The queen must be gone. Gone for all eternity. He knows that the queen likes to read. So he writes a book. It’s not a good book and the the queen doesn’t read it. There are too many good writers in this land. He lays a curse on all writers to have small hands like him. That makes it hard for them to hold a quill. So the number of new books written is dwindling.

On top of it all he also places a curse his book. The queen will receive a paper cut from the razor sharp pages. When that happens she will be absorbed into the book and become part of the story, forever. That is until a young boy of pure heart also receives a paper cut from the same book. Only then she will be released from the books curse. And the curse on the writers small hand will be lifted too.

Soon after the queens disappearance the land fell ill to war and suffering. The evil wizards descendants are still ruling the lands. You don’t need to look hard to find them. And the book stores are closing down these days at an alarming rate. The lands population has evolved to read from electronic devices. They listen to fake news and can’t hear the book scream to be read.

But the curse hasn’t lifted yet. And the book is still out there. Are you of pure heart?

The end


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