Amongst Herbivores in Africa, goats can be little showoffs.

Africa is a huge continent. We have all sorts of animals there and they are fascinating. Today I lend my focus on the goats. Again? Yes, again. The topic I want to cover is herbivores and goats are herbivores. I just have a few covered here. We have the wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, a few groundhogs, an ostrich and an elephant. I have no intent to cover them all.

Of course I upset the meat eaters who think I go all green veggo on them. Then the fruitarians who find offence in things eating their beloved green stuff. It’s an minefield out there and I have no intent to tippytoe around issues today. Hence I introduce this little goat.

Goats are vegetarians and they are smart arses. They learn a lot quick. And of course we have them little buggers in Africa. Who introduced them there is a good question. I don’t know. They might even originate in Africa.

This little guy here doesn’t just talk ‘goat’. He learnt to talk in other languages. To make this exercise more fun I gave him some Afrikaans. He is up early in the morning and wanders around in the Savanna. Like a confident little trooper he gathers a bunch of young herbivores together and has a chat to them. They all understand each other.

To give you the full picture I have to backtrack a little bit. When our little friend got up this morning he went on a walk and found the most luscious patch of grass and sweet berries. Knowing that there are others around who also like the fresh grass and the ripe berries, he had to come up with a plan. Size isn’t on his side. He is a small goat. The big ones wouldn’t even notice him and walk straight past him.

Now he stands on a large rock and draws attention all to himself. He tells them there is a wonderful patch of green grass and juicy ripe berries, fresh water and shade. Only a short stroll to the east from this place. He wants to share this information with them because they are his friends and that is what friends do.

Without delay the young group of herbivores heads east to that delicious place. Because he has little legs he will be a little bit late. But they shouldn’t wait for him. Also because he is little he doesn’t need to eat as much.

Something the young group doesn’t know is that the patch of yummy food isn’t east but west and only a few metres. With all the goats competition for food out of the way, he can enjoy the food all to himself, without a worry. Sneaky little one.

An old wildebeest sitting in a cool mud nearby noticed the thole thing happening. The wildebeest shouts ‘showoff’ at the little goat. He freezes on the spot with fear of being sprung. He never saw the old wildebeest.

Well played, it says, well played my little friend.


The end


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