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Right, you want to know more about me. Well that’s your bad luck. Once you know this you can’t unknown it. In case your inquisitive mind isn’t satisfied with what I present you with here, you have to ask me a question. I’m sure you know how to do that.

Where do I come from?

Excellent question. I say Mummy, but that doesn’t count. I grew up in Switzerland on a lake near Z├╝rich. Lovely place. I was taught right from wrong and got pushed through the education system like everyone else. What a fun time that was. I was constantly getting into trouble with my scribbles.

Is it true that you’re an Arborist as well?

How did you know? 100 point for observation. I studied Arboriculture, Viticulture and Horticulture in Switzerland and ended up with a BSc degree. It was a great school and I learnt a lot. Mostly how to annoy teachers with my drawings.

What then?

Well, I had to earn some money. I started to work in some French vineyards. That was good to polish my French. It was a bit rusty. After that I moved to Hamburg and started to climb large trees. That’s where all the fun begun. I learnt a lot about ropes, harness and tree climbing techniques. I was climbing huge oak trees at minus 15 degrees centigrade.

So, how did you end up in Australia?

I had a job offered here. Also climbing trees. That was great, no more pine trees, or so I thought. Pines are a pain. Eucalyptus trees are much nicer to climb. Although I found out the hard way that not all Aussie trees are fun. You probably all know the Itchy Bomb Tree? If you don’t, google it and then imagine climbing it! Not happy.

But what about your cartooning?

Oh, yes. While I was climbing trees, I had to because I ended up with a mortgage, I never really lost touch with cartooning. I did a diploma course in freelance cartooning and Illustrating. Then a few years ago I had an incident at work and I couldn’t fulfil my role as arborist anymore. But I could still draw. I just had to get better at it, times have changed and to earn a buck from doodling is becoming harder. I set myself a goal and started to draw, draw, draw. Practice creates practice. I got better at it and slowly work is flowing in. These days I start affording bread once a week. Damn you, spuds!

I now draw freelance for Australian Motorcycle News, the Mountain View Mail newspaper and the odd comic magazine. I get more international customers as well. One day I can even get butter and jam. Ah, keep dreaming…

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