A window for all of us

A window. It’s quite a simple thing if you think about it. A window lets you see out without being in the elements. Grand idea. But it also lets others see in. A window is a two way street. We add windows to housed, offices and cars. We like the controlled environment we are in and we like to enjoy the outside as well. It works fantastic for cars. Imagine there is no window. Someone forgot to invent them. We would be rather squinty eyed.

No doubt we don’t think much about windows. They are there and they serve a purpose. After all it would be rather unpleasant in winter if your house hasn’t got windows.

But then there are other windows. A window we might not see readily. I’m talking about our window. The window that we all have. Some call it a window to our soul. That is a bit deep. Maybe it’s a window to feed our imagination. The interesting thing about windows isn’t that you can see through it. you can choose to pull the curtains. Then what?

We limit what we see, but we can still hear. Now if we go so far and also close the shutters, well then we are in the dark. Some people might like that and don’t want to be influenced by the outside. I don’t think this is such a good thing. It defies having a window in the first place.

Then there are others who never close their shutters nor curtains. They sit on the window sill and enjoy the happenings in the world. However, having no curtains or shutters means that your window can be seen through both sides. As much as you can see out, others can see in. We don’t want everyone to see what’s inside? We might have a mess that needs cleaning.

Another good thing about windows is that they can be opened. Everyone knows that stale air makes you feel moody. So from time to time we need to open that window and show the world ¬†what’s inside. Air the place out and let fresh air in. Make sure the air is fresh. After all you don’t want to fill your house with already used up air. A good place to open your window is amongst friends and colleagues. It’s very refreshing.

Others can open their window when they are already outside and go for a stroll in the park or forrest. Some alone time is always great to get some fresh air inside. Rain is good too. A fresh sea breeze or the crisp air in the high mountains. You suit yourself.

If you have nothing to do this afternoon, do yourself a favour and go to your favourite place and open the window. Air some things out and feel fresh again. It doesn’t take long. A few minutes and you’re like new again.

If you please excuse me for a few, I’ll be outside in the fresh air for a bit.

The end


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