Red as red can be when the carrot stops

All the goats want is food. Red food, green food, yellow food, orange food. Food of all sorts. I love the little buggers and they give me great joy. But all they really care about is food. Sure after you feed them they give you a bit of attention. Forget to feed them and they give you a different kind of attention. It’s usually associated with pain. like a red hot iron in your thighs. They have pointy horns and one thing is for sure, they know how to use them.

They have a few distinct ways of utilising those sticks growing out of their heads. For one they use it to scratch themselves. I think this is a noble way of using the horns. Another use is to bump things out of their way and break branches. Don’t be fooled, they know how it works. And if you’re not careful, they might bump you on the knee. Trust me, you were in their way and had to be bumped. Then there is that sneaky stab in the side. All horns have a pointy end and it doesn’t matter if the horn grows up, back or sideways. There is always a point. And to make things worse for us, the goats know exactly where that point is. They sneakily walk past you and when you least expect it they stab you in the thigh. It’s like I told you I’m hungry!

But once you know your goat you can predict their mood. That doesn’t stop them from surprising you from time to time.

Noe I prepare their food in the morning. My kitchen is facing the paddock where the young ones are. every now and then they show up at the window and look in. It’s so funny. They make little clouds on the window pane with their noses. I usually have plenty of time. However, today is different. I have an appointment at the doctors at nine. So I better hurry up.

Half way through cutting up the fruit and vegetables the three little kids show up at the window. I try to ignore them. I have to hurry. After all I don’t want to go to the doctors with a limp, just because the head doe didn’t get her food fast enough.

The kids are so much fun. They kind of know what is going on and they give you that look of eternal cuteness. As if the cutest one gets more food. It kind of works though. But by the time I cut the carrots I didn’t pay much attention to where the carrot stops and the fingers start. The kids distracted me and next thing I see red. The kids see red. The carrot is red. The knife is red. Red everywhere. I just chomped into the middle finger.


Just as well I have a doctors appointment. I wrap my finger in a towel and head to the doctors. There I get the finger stitched up and sent on my way again. It’s not as bad as it sounds. I feed the goats and as a thank you I get a stab in the thigh for being late. Thank you very much!

The end



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